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Finished Projects

Websites and other relative elements

One of my clients for [ x|c media ] is Arun David. He used to work for PWC and went his own ways by setting up an accountant business. I convinced him to underline his potential and effort by a clear structured website and a matching business card.

What started off as a little online business card turned into a major project with a result that is very impressive. Arun has created a tax bible for New Zealand and together we put it into a format that is simple, yet fully functional and hits the nail on the head for what it is supposed to be and do.

The Website can be viewed right here: DavidCo Ltd.


My first week of digging in the den

Time flies and as long as it took me to set up this blog,
Found Image Online
(Image found online)
the first week has gone by and it was not all that hard.

I talked about employment, old projects and friends. I think it is a good start and it gives me an idea how this whole blogging actually works. If anyone has any cool ideas or questions, send me an email. I promise I will answer every sinlge one - because we know what it feels like to wait for a reply, yet it never comes.

Enjoy your weekend guys and check back next week!

Finished Projects

Little things last longer

Sometimes it is hard to get work, not even speaking of a job. And to keep your computer from rusting you are doing little favours to old friends you met along the road.

Turanga Creek is an organic winery in Auckland, NZ. I have known their Sales and Marketing Manager Loic for years and he asked me to come up with a little flash intro for their website. For a couple bottles of wine I made this mini-slideshow for him and he is still using it today. Admittedly it does bring the whole feel of eco and nature across very well.

Finished Projects

Never run out of!

One of the most important things is to keep up doing what you are doing - Never let it get you down. You are applying, applying, trying and trying, yet the light at the end of the tunnel is just another torch on the wall. To find the way you have to keep moving. Find a client you can convince to play according to your ideas or if that fails - Create your own client. Do something that exists in a different way, advertise a product that does not exist.

Sometimes even goold old Mario needs a little extra boost.

Chasing Employment

To know where to dig, you have to take samples

Every now and then I do stumble across an interesting company which I would really like to get a job with.

One of them being Invoke Media. I have sent them an email earlier this year and actually received a reply.

I did not ask for a job directly, I enquired about the possibilities to join one of their projects and prove myself worthy to get a job by the end of the year, once I am ready to move to Canada. The reply did sound promising and suggested to reach out further down the road again. Be sure I will contact you again and thank you, Alli, for the reply - It does make you feel better.

Finished Projects

Everything is worth trying at least once

Adhering to this guideline I have produced an Android App and released it on the Google Market.

To get a feel of how this all works and what goes into it, I decided to keep it very simple and create a Pong game - the only difference: you have only one paddle, but two balls to control. What was meant to be an easy task, ended up being a three month project. So many different elements, just to come out with a simple game. I admit though, I had hours of fun during the making of 2|balls.

To promote it in the end, I posted my trailer for the game on NotCot and actually had over 1000 hits on youtube over night.

I do have plans for a couple more Android productions, which will be announced in The Den.

Personal Notes

If you dig deep, you come across amazing things...

You are looking into the deep and dark tunnels of The Den. A blog about everything that can be made with the help of digital media and creativity. On this page I will post my ideas, concepts and finished products which are supposedly helping me in the search of full employment within the media - A task so difficult, it takes courage for every single step.

I am glad you are helping me on my journey or at least observe it - just for a laugh or out of interest. Even the strongest fox needs a little back up.


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