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Finished Projects

October already - Santa's not too far

Time goes so quick and because in New Zealand we are celebrating Christmas on the beach I thought something sunny would be great to kick off this month.

I was asked to create a solar panel for a client. He was about to start an energy company, jumping on the eco-friendly wave. It seriously took me 28 goes (that is only the ones I have counted) and about a week to come up with this:

I am quite happy with the result though. Too bad that this company never made it into trade. It was looking good for a while.


What will the future bring us?

Once again it is friday. I am already thinking about what to do next week. But for now I just send you guys off into the weekend and just in case you do not know what to do...

(found image online)

Finished Projects

Help us to help!

A while ago I came across a brief for the Young Guns in Australia. Just for fun I tried to find a solution for the print ad for virgins help projects. The result is to be seen here. I think the meaning comes across without needing too much of an explanation.

Finished Projects

Rent me now

Another job for CMD. This time it is a foldable leaflet to rent an appartment in Christchurch's ex inner city. The building did not make it fully through the series of earthquakes. Therefore it is hard to say if the flyer helped to generate interest.

Finished Projects

Come and party with us

For a good friend of mine I have made these invites for the start of one of her new collections. A very timeless, elegant presentation is luring people to the event. Who wants to know more about her glasses collection the link to her page can be found under 'friends', on the right: Coral Mazlin Designs.

Finished Projects

Press Week starts today

I want to dedicate this week to past print projects. I have found a few examples I have done in the past for clients and this one for university.

It is a wrapper and possible banner ads for the NZ Herald for AMI, an insurance company. Again this is a fictional ad which was never run. I enjoyed making it though.


What?! Friday again!

And here we are again. Another week has gone by and I am still updating the page every day from Monday to Friday. This and also my last driving test in my life(hopefully!) make me feel like I have achieved everything you can fit into one week. The test I had yesterday was for my final motorcycle licence (the last addition to the existing car, truck (up to 8t) and forklifters).

To celebrate this, I dug out something funny I found online a while ago...

Finished Projects

Characters and hurdles

I cannot draw. I used to be alright, but just like anything in this world, if you do not do it regularly you lose the touch.

Sadly, this is a major problem of mine. When coming up with new ideas for my own little projects, I have to opt out of fancy graphic design elements and try and keep it 'budget'. Out of this requirement I have created "Style:00". A little stickman-like guy who is living in the scribble world and can interact with the drawn lines around him.

For a university assignment which asked to create a little treasure hunt point and click adventure, I tested it out and sent Style:00 into his first little adventure. Due to the deadline and my other clients and projects I had to tweak some elements and could not stick to the initial plan entirely. But the result is ... ok.

Help Style:00 to get home in this Flash-Adventure!

Finished Projects

Ad for something new

Thinking about portfolios and the different jobs you could tackle with a degree in Digital Media, I was walking down the street and saw a stunning car. Someone had written with lipstick on the windscreen - a perfect picture for a lipstick ad. I went home and created this from scratch (I could not take a picture at the time - so I had to make up my own). Once I was finished, it did not look rough enough - everyone can write with a white board marker on glass - so I digitally added the rain and - voila - apocaLIPS.

Chasing Employment

A different approach

At the end of my second year at university, before the long holidays over Christmas and New Year's, I really wanted to see a possible work place from the inside. I was thinking about tackling this and came up with a hand-shaped flyer.

As a result I was allowed into the impressive studio of JWT, here in Auckland. I have spent some time with Pete, the executive Creative Director, and Adi, responsible for Digital Campaigns. It was great fun to chat to them and get to know a bit more about the advertising industry - A real insight.

However, creatives are always busy, so I was getting put aside more and more and no one looked at my ideas which became very frustrating and then the time was up and the doors closed in front of me again.

At least this gave me the drive I needed to start up my own company. In January 2010 - [ x|c media ] opened its doors.


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