Always be creating.

Seeking for more

And once again it is monday and the beginning of a week filled with opportunity and progress. I might just make a little list of my possible future projects / my own task list.
  • Website for a company selling construction machinery
  • Consulting for a band website
  • Adjustment of x|c and the den
  • Play around with some JQuery
  • Shadow Boy - Pinning down of gameplay
  • Consulting for a new coffee pop-up joint
Some of this is tied to the client's will of how far we will get this week, but I am certain that quite a lot of these tasks will be ticked off by Friday.


Dark and Stormy

Spring always comes with some pretty rough winds and sometimes it looks spectacular. Last year, Auckland was the stage for a mini tornado. Some intense images were posted online. I could not help it, but put a little interaction between the Skytower and the storm into one of them...

By the way: When there is nasty weather outside, why not retreat into a cozy lounge chair and enjoy a Dark'n'Stormy? A very refreshing, yet warming drink made with dark rum, ginger beer, lime and mint. Try it over the weekend!


Advertising for yourself?

A little while back I wanted to get some T-Shirts printed to advertise for my own business to get a few people asking and wondering. When I took the designs to the printer I was told they could only print an area of A4 and the industrial printers do not do one-offs. This is why I am putting it into the "Future"-Category. Maybe I will get around to get them printed at some stage.


Plans on the road ahead (Shadowboy - Basic Idea)

Even though I was very disappointed with Google and the handling of Android applications on the market place (Google Play), I think I will give it another go. Using Flash CS6, I will be creating another little game called "Shadowboy - Can't sleep in the dark?". The setting will be a little boy's bedroom, in the middle of the night. A thunder storm is roaring outside and the lightning sends flashes of light through the window creating shadows everywhere - evil shadows. Unable to sleep the boy is scared and sees monsters throughout his room. Equipped with a flashlight with limited energy it is up to the player to support the boy and shine light onto the evil monsters and reveal the truth - There is nothing to be scared about.

If the player loses the game, the door to the hallway will open and the mother will come rushing into the room to protect the boy. Little extra features could be mirrors to reflect the light and get rid of several monsters with one ray of light to save on energy.

Next week I will talk a bit more about the actual gameplay I have in mind and hopefully I will get around to put up some sketches of the interface and a title screen.


Spring is coming...

...and all the stuff that has piled up over winter is going. I have started to go through all the stuff I have collected over the last six years living in New Zealand. Therefore I am not fully certain what country I am heading to by the end of the year or the beginning of next year (depending on how fast I can get a job), I need to get rid of a lot of seemingly useless objects.

Being in the shifting mood already, I actually came across a really good article on the Harvard Business Review. Moving around without losing your roots is a great summary of what it feels like to be up for new adventures, what it means to experience other countries all the time and how one is perceived by others who oppose to this lifestyle.

I am always prepared to take my roots with me!


If you look back...

you might fall over something in front of you. I have posted quite a bit about past creations and executions. Maybe it is time to look ahead and make sure that I keep having enough material for the daily dose of The Den. Considering it being Monday, we could start with something easy. I am wanting to redo my company's page However, I like it's design but the emphasis on The Den is not big enough. My thoughts are to create a page that acts as a portal to and The Den (and later also the android page in a rebranded version). I have created a little video how I would picture it:

I will see if I get around to it this week - Maybe unveiling it on Friday, to start the weekend with a good feeling of having achieved something.


That's it for this week

This week was all about what companies want to look like, how they see themselves and how you can help them a little bit to find their own core. Little tuning of certain elements improve the whole look and give the brand an identity. I mean, something memorable maybe...

(found online)

Finished Projects

A bit more branding

After all these logos and start-up stories I have actually reminded myself of these two business cards. The hairdresser card was one of my very first tasks and the other business card is part of DavidCo Ltd.'s branding package (website, letterhead..).

I did post his website in a previous post, but the card fits neatly into this week.

Finished Projects

Spirals - handmade of course

Education is an interesting topic in New Zealand. Constantly changing and trying to improve it for the future generations. One of them is this educational trust. With the goal to educate Maoris (Natives) in IT and bring them up to scratch in this technologically driven world.

I did not think that the spiral in the logo would take me that long. A good few hours to make it look like it does now. At least it turned out alright and even the native liked it.

Finished Projects

They are coming. They are coming.

Auckland is a funky little city. Located between two oceans, multi cultural, diverse and cosmopolitan are the key words to describe the life in the biggest Kiwi city. How genius would it be if you took a seaplane instead of a bus to work? Or simply enjoy the beauty of Auckland from a new perspective - From above!

A friend of mine wants to start this business very soon. Offering seaplane flights for the scenic fan or the travelling worker who is fed up with the roads. An animated version can be found on the website: Auckland Seaplanes


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Post Secret
Triple Aught Design


1st Person Tetris