Always be creating.

It is a bit chilly...

Networking is the key to anything, anywhere. I have made some connections over the last few days and there will be a little post on the next noticeboard of the ICEHOUSE. The ICEHOUSE is an incubator for start-up businesses here in New Zealand and I have gotten to know a few people who are involved. Actually, I realized that I did some work already for a company which was pushed via this organization: Kayasand.


Ideas keep growing – but do your presentations?

When you are busy making an idea work, sometimes you need someone from the outside to mediate it to the rest of the world. Here at x|c media we are eager to help you create not only websites, but also everything else you need to look professional and to be understood.

We have been working for start-ups from the incubator before and for any company sprung from the ICEHOUSE we can make arrangements. In essence, it will free you up and you can spend the money and time on developing your business rather than on the necessities which are involved in making your dream come true.

Contact us at and we have a chat about your needs and what we can do for you.

Networking is the key and this is an opportunity for you and us at the same time.

The ICEHOUSE's Web presence

Inspiration & Drive

The positive impact of negativity

Applying for jobs is a tough and frustrating mission. To find a suitable job which is advertised online or spread orally is like finding a needle in a hay stack. Once you find a sound and attractive opening, it is up to you to find out more about the company, on-goings and interests. However, often you do not hear back at all. If you happen to receive a reply, it is always exciting. Even though it is a declining answer, any communication is appreciated to settle the inner questions.

A company that has given me inspiration and worked against my frustration with job applications despite of a rejection is Ubiquity. Ubiquity is a very successful digital marketing company based here in New Zealand. They have created a software called Engage to evaluate company data and use it to create a bigger and better customer relationship. In this day and age, we are bombarded with meaningless pieces of information: Newsletters, text messages, sales, more sales and membership offers. Ubiquity's Engage makes the difference to reach through the electronic junk and create a correspondence with high effectiveness and in essence, has a huge clientele spanning from government departments to big commercial establishments.

However, back to my personal interaction with Ubiquity. I have applied to one of their job advertisements and about a week later I did get an email stating they are not in a position to offer me a role at this point. Yet, they were the first ones to actually go through my CV, check everything and send me a positive, substantial feedback. It is very important to put in an effort into any kind of communication. Never burn bridges and keep spreading the positive aspects of your business, may it be in regards to a client, another organisation or, like in this case, a job applicant.

Albeit, I did not get the job, I am happy I have applied and received a response which worked against my frustration and gave me new energy to try again and improve my skills of engaging with seemingly hopeless situations.

Ubiquity's Web presence


How to present and what?

It is hard to pick items which not only represent you and your work, but also express the capabilities of yourself. A portfolio seems to give me a headache at any time I am trying to tackle it. In essence, we are looking at a task similar to self-finding objectives. Please write a short paragraph about yourself. This can be increedibly tough. We could judge just about anyone or anything... but ourselves.

I have achieved something I am fairly content with. May I introduce my new CV and Portfolio:

Another piece to the puzzle...


Who does not like free stuff?

It has been a little bit over a year since 2|ballz hit Google Play and I think it is about time to give it away for free. Download the .apk file and install it on your Android device.

Download 2|ballz - The Game

Hopefully it will bring a little joy into this monday morning.


Options, opportunities and choice...

I am looking very actively for jobs now. It is a very interesting, slightly frustrating process. I am a little bit fussy and do take time to analyse and sort through the various applications and job search sites. Once I found an ad I like, I try to find out which company it is for exactly, what is their website and how is it presented.

Especially within the digital media departments it is a huge indicator what kind of level the job will contain by the look and feel of the company's digital presentation. Ads that ask for 5+ years of experience within an agency environment, but do not even manage to link their email properly on their site (not stating any names) may seem a bit strange and over the top.

I think everyone is scared to hire the wrong person and of course it is easier to employ someone who worked within the industry on agency level. However, that does not necessaryly mean this applicant is what he/she seems to be. I have been working with clients for several years working on web content, gaming news, reviews and columns in Germany and in New Zealand I have been creating websites, flash animations, video editing, business presentation/branding and more. I am not the average applicant companies ask for, but I think I have got the experience and the drive needed to succeed within this field. We all know clients can be complicated, but the other way round it is the same. It is up to the Service Provider (YOU - the digital media native) to make it clear, structured and easy to bond with the client and create an understanding that makes it possible to establish a genuinely understood environment. The final outcome is the finished product which not only pleases the client, but is generated in a superior way to please the user, be easy, intuitive and quick.

Time is money and too many misunderstandings waste not only these two precious resources, but also nerves and patience.

Grilling x|c

How times change...

I was over in Australia recently and walked through a little Antique Shop in a village called Tanunda. I stood for a few minutes in front of a 1970's TV and could not help it, but to think of microwaves. As a result I made this little snippet...


Happy New Year Everyone!

It has been a while since my last post, but I hope everyone had a great start into the new year and survived the Christmas Celebrations without putting on too much extra weight.

I have received my degree - Bachelor of Communication with a major in Digital Media and a minor in Advertising Creativity. Apart from that I had many extra shifts in my job and also worked hard on the completion of Kayasand's new website which went online just before Christmas and gave me a little break over the festivities.

To visit my new creation: Click here to view

What is the new year going to bring? I am working on a new way to present my small portfolio of all sorts and will start sending applications to various companies around the world. Also, I am working on little tasks for a few clients and still have my job as a bartender which is great for getting to know new people from all areas of life. Being overly busy the last couple of months, I have decided to make my blog a weekly task and maybe extend the length of the posts a little bit more.

I am very excited about what this year will bring and can hardly wait to start some new adventures - Maybe for a company where I can learn more and extend my existing knowledge.


The End is near

The reason for my absence in posting on my blog was my last exam for my course. I am now officially finished. Well, that means I am waiting for the final results and my graduation in mid-December. My mom sent me a funny cartoon which I translated into English.

While I am waiting for my release from AUT - Auckland University of Technology, I am engaging myself again into my company's and personal projects. At the moment there is a bigger project under development for a construction equipment company for which I will be posting some screenshots by the end of this week. Also my Android project "Shadow Boy" needs to advance a little bit more. Anyway, I am experiencing the taste of freedom and this will drive me further and further!


Strict Management

Sometimes it can be overwhelming for a little company to manage everything and pay enough attention to every detail such as accounting, customer relations, workload, updates of websites and newsletters, etc... The best thing to do is to allocate times and places to certain necessities. Every morning, before your coffe, your blog has to be updated. Every evening, go over bills and put it into the accounting sheets/programs.

New Zealand found its own ways to manage the flood of tourists every year...


Top bar - Top look?

I have added a little bar at the top to navigate between the x|c site and the Den. So far I refrained from using any JavaScript or JQuery, simply because I want to see if I am happy with it being there.

Any recommendations, thoughts or other input anyone?


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